Thursday, January 19, 2017

Buying property in 2017?

I agreed to his opinion ... it is better to rent than to buy property in 2017. I have sold off my two apartments ... to raise cash and sit on it till crash.

There is no crash in property prices ... slide and slowed-down, yes ... but not crash.

Well ... different people have different needs and opinions.

I have my own opinions too. I m doing what I think the 'best' at the moment for my financial-being. Different person with different risk-appetite too. I would rather keep cash and buy equities during crisis time. No worry, once I profitted from market ... I could buy the property then. The price would come down.


Time to get myself ... famous?

I m born in year of goat ... according to Joey, those born in that year might becoming known and famous?

So ... i need to create a new-dance ... with a catchy song!! Make it viral ... and yeah, I would be famous?!

Perhaps ... I could create my own youtube channel ... and talk about stock-analysis. That is more 'logical' and doing something I like la ... I had so many e-meetings for past 1-2 weeks ... and I could do those talk/e-meeting in nightly basis.

Tonight I m going to attend a market talk. Tmr night ... coffee-date with two members.

So ... ok, time for me to focus on the positive part.

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Perhaps I should create a facebook group ... and 'entertain' members with my facebook-live!! haha.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Moving to US-market?

DOW is topping ... beware of correction ahead.

I am still bullish in DOW ... well, also in KLSE.

Jan 2017 : DOW 30

Wed, Jan 18, 2017 9:30 PM - 10:15 PM  
  Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Instead of blogging about it ... so, i will "vlog" about my DOW-chart analysis and share what I m going to do ...

All are welcomed.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

e-meeting : Take losses and move on

How to take loss ... gracefully

Tue, Jan 17, 2017 10:00 PM - 10:45 PM Malay

I have CUT LOSS ... many of times (countless) ... but we have to accept it and move on.

Join me for another sharing of CUT LOSS ... and move on sharing session.

Note : I m too lazy to write/blog.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday blah-blah

11.15 am : Mid-Jan ... time to re-check on my trades and won't mind sharing here my "scores". I do not like keep scores ... and not been keeping my so-called track records. But this year would be a challenging year ... unlike 2009 to 2015 ... where market trending up with strong theme-play.

So ... will check all my end-Jan.

This is KLCI ... daily candles. No need so many indicators ... no need to calculate those waves or drawing those fans. No need ... what is needed is EXECUTION ... actions and common-sense.

Common sense telling me that mark at high level ... SHORT FKLI if you are in future-trading ... heck with CNY-rally. Also .... reduce your positions.

Yesterday night ... someone came to my CUT LOSS session to ask about Dataprp and Reach-wa. So ... you can see the greed and ignorance ... time to sell when greed around, ya.

This week, I will be attending another market-workshop (future-trading).

If those waves and indicators could profit-well, WHY are those so-called technical-guru didnt trade OIL ... or GOLD ... or FCPO? They could profit so-so huge trading DOW, right? Why talk about boring KLSE? That is my views ... it is NOT the methods. I always tell my tratles ... do not expect to learn too much of indicators or complicated system from my trading-workshop. Let's talk about common-sense which is ... obviously, MISSSING.

I am not going to rant on common-sense ... not in mood(no thanks to the draw).

Hmm ... perhaps talk about preparation from crash? nah ... lazy today.

Maybe I should talk about Sumatec (LOL) ... or the under-valued Hibicus (LOL)? Ok ... I m in nasty-mood.

Ok ... no inspiration to write. Wait ... i could check some $$$ articles. brb.

Ok ... sharing an excerpt from a book : Master The Market

During a bear market, or when prices have been falling for some time, most markets will hesitate in their down-moves and go sideways, or even start going up.  Any low volume up-move is an indication of weakness.  You may also at times see what appears to be a test, which is normally a sign of strength.  If the test is genuine and indicating a true turn in a bear market, you will see an immediate response from the professional money.  The price will move up immediately with a slight increase in volume.  However, if the response to this indication of strength (test) is sluggish, or fails to respond over several days, going sideways or even falling off slightly, this now shows further weakness to come.  The test is discounted.  The logical conclusion of ‘lack of demand’ after a test is that the professional money is not interested in the up-side of the market at that particular moment – they are still bearish!

So ... what I do is to share some articles and/or excerpts with the group and let the discussion to be carried on. Many newbies many not understand many terms or situations, so I will explain by giving examples. Yes ... for educational purposes. Those attended my trading-workshop or stock-watch group would have learnt many pointers(if they want to learn la).

Tonight would be our weekly e-meeting ... 3rd for 2017. I will say again ... reduce positions.

Lazy to write ... going to take a nap, trying to get over the hang-over (haha) of the draw.


Stock Alert : Padini

Morning ... drew 1 -1.

Padini : Broken RM2.50 neckline ... putus leher, so it is SELL. I have alerted the group last Friday. Last night I talked about CUT LOSS ... if not, at the moment, it is RM2.28 ... check RM2.15 to catch knife today.
Monday blues ... will write later.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

e-meeting : Importance of CUT LOSS

Morning ... 15th Jan ... mid-month of Jan. As KLCI rebounded strongly ... many would be profitting?

Yesterday I attended a good market-talk by a FA person, Mr David (he was previously from ET). Tho I may disagree on buying AirAsia, being traders ... we could look to trade her as it is very volatile ... up-down. Hard to trade. Haha.

For the TA speaker ... I do not use EW/FR ... so, I would not put my focus in that. 2017 is the time to learn more about FA ... hence, I will attend courses/workshops on FA. We still need TA and planning, of coz. I m focusing in my preparation ... ahead of the coming crash.

Yesterday, during the meeting ... I met a person(a Liverpool fans) who said TTB missed the whole bull ... from 2011 ... he is waiting for the crash. I have disagreed with him in 2012 ... but 2017, I will attend his Investor-Day talk (re-subscribed to icap's newletters) ... and will listen closely to those in bearish-camps.

We are ikan-bilis ... so, we are followers. Attending market talks to get ideas from many 'experts' and experienced investors/traders ... on what we should be looking at ... the cracks and what we should be doing. I m still in STAGE ONE of preparation ...

#1 : Preserve capital : withdraw half of our funds out of equities. CUT LOSS is important to survive.

#2 : Accumulation of bullets : Where to get more funds?

#3 : Instruments and Platforms : Where should we venture to ... BIG SHORT?

#4 : Knowledge and Experiences : Listening to more ... meet more, attend more market talks.

This is stage one ... the BEFORE crash preparation. If we STILL stuck up there in some stocks, we would have FAILED the #1 ... so, DO NOT get stuck. Easier said than done ... I could have another session of CUT LOSS ... to remind public/retailers the importance of cut-loss ... buying blindly into stocks without plans would be the biggest mistake as we might get stuck for years ... and market not even collapsing yet. TTB mentioned below 1000 ... for KLCI.

Preserving capitals could also means ... be frugal, use less ... buy less. That is a challenge as when we are so used to spending.

Let us listen to this nice song ... one of my fav. The title : 10 years.


THPlant : At low ... take the peak RM2.10 ... divide 2 = RM1.05. That is the buy level ... around there la. Using RM1.05 as our cut-loss exit point, we could accumulate THPlant if we are anticipating a rebound/rally in plantation stocks. TH = Tabung Haji, mind you. I have an interest to buy THPlant (disclaimer applied).

Imagine if we bought THPlant at peak RM2.10 ... we are 50% down. For us to breakeven, back to RM2.10 ... we need a miracle ... that the stock to climb from current RM1.10 level to RM2.10, which could be a feat. Don't give me AirAsia as example ... please don't be so naive.

Even if we got THPlant at RM1.50 ... we still stuck 'up there' if we do not practise CUT LOSS mentality.

In general, whatever stocks we are buying in 2017, we should place an exit point if the trades go against us ... it could be 5%-10% below our entry price to exit. By selling, we could re-coup our capitals ... and could buy something that is performing.

I have used O&G counters as examples of CUT LOSS ... how crucially important it is ... for us NOT to go against the trend. BEARISH in O&G could be for years to come ... with better technology bringing down the operating cost of 'shale' and 'renewable' ... the theme of such. By the way, technologies ... yes, that is the THEME at the moment. Uncle Ben profitting well by buying into IQGroup around RM2 ... and average it up! Great trade.

Let me give another example ... the hot-stock for this week.

MBSB : Adjusted rights ... 50% down from the peak (mind you, this is only a 3yr chart) ... RM1.50 to 75cents ... at the moment, surged to breakout 95cents and closed at RM1.05 ... a great rebound due to some news ... but, we are still STUCK up there.

One of member told me that his father bought into MBSB and stuck up there ... have to go thru the right-issue and average it down. But ... it is still a distance from his average at RM1.05 currently. So ... never place our trades on HOPE it will rebound ... CUT LOSS is the answer to such woes.

CUT LOSS : Jan 2017

Sun, Jan 15, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

 I will use the two above examples to discuss on my cut-loss one-hour talk. Perhaps, HOVID would be a good example too. Or AirAsia ... or AnnJoo?

See you tonight

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tan Teng Boo : Value Investing

The Star : Sept 2015 (1397 views)

Note : "It is a HIGH RISK with LOW REWARD environment" he said. In 2017, I m with him. So ... I am happy to hold on to cash too.

icap : During Investor Day ... TTB shown many charts showing the cracks ... be aware. (405 views)

icap : Keep CASH .... is TTB's policy.

Because I m in my journey to prepare for the coming crash ... I've subscribed to icapital newsletter.

Spending my Sat night to read the back-dated newsletter.

Have a nice weekend.


Market talk @ USJ

It is 3.15 pm ... just finished a class. I had an early class at 8am this morning ... then, cancelled one class to attend my first market-talk (paid) ... and since it is at USJ and privately hosted, I could travel ...

8 am to 9.30am : Tuition class

9.45 to 12.15 pm : Market talk

1.30pm to 3pm : Tuition class

3.15pm ... blogging here!!

Some of the pointers I brought back to share with readers here.

Stocks Pick : AirAsia, Gtronic, SAM, Hovid ... if I didnt miss out any.

While I agreed on GTronic ... and SAM , I see Hovid as high-risk. AirAsia .... yes, each time oversold ... it will rebound. So, buy during oversold. I m bearish in AirAsia. haha.

AirAsia-c47 : Being mentioned in The Edge ... worth to punt?

8 pointers given by Uncle Ben were good ... and I will put it here if I could remember.

As for the technical-talk ... well, no comment as I do not check EW or FR. In trading it is the planning ... understand our trades ... and execute accordingly. Trade good fundamental stocks being recommended (top pick by The Edge, for example).

Time to go home after whole day out ... have a nice weekend.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Preparation for the talk

Preparation for 9pm talk tonight ...
From E&S to B&I 

Fri, Jan 13, 2017 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM 

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.  <---- br="" click="" here.="" link="" the="">

Mind your mindset. 

Places I stayed ... after married in 2005.
Melinsung (Papar) : Aug 2005 - Apr 2006
Taman Ramai (KK) : May 2006 to Nov 2006
Dah Yeh (KK) : Dec 2006 to Dec 2009
Court 9 (Subang Jaya) : Jan 2010 to Apr 2011

Jati 2 : 2011 ... living room.

Current : 2016 ... living room.

Will use these two pictures to talk about the changes ... from the moment I struggled when I was in KK ... and moved to KL in 2010 ... and now, much more comfortable.

Want to hear my stories?

Follow me in my facebook :

Our tuition center facebook :

Now ... I have opened a tuition center and home-schoooling ... WHAT IS NEXT?


Friday 13th

Good morning ... a long day of classes for me today. Then, will prepare simple pages for my sharing's tonight. As my talk would be lengthy ... I will break it into few parts.

#1 : WHY I struggled ...being employee and money-idiot mentality --- my financial-mindset background

#2 : WHY I decided to change ... the financial-mindset ... be courageous!!

#3 : WHY I moved into I(investment) and B(business)
Alright ... will try to prepare some slides (not good in that).
7.45pm : Preparing for my talk ...