Monday, February 27, 2017

Stock Alert : KNM

KNM gapped down to hit new low ... 30.5cents as the previous was 31cents. Closed for lunch 31cents.

Note : DO NOT talk about oil price up, KNM going up again. I gave SAAG (delisted) as example this morning to my group ... for understanding and learning purposes.


Choice is ours

Monday morning ... raining ... so, i decided to DRIVE. Well ... rushing hour of 7.30am ... so, it is heavy jam as usual (plus it is raining!!)

So ... I wrote in my facebook :

Reflection on : Morning jam ... to work.

I seldom drive but I do not wish to ride bike with raincoat and get myself partially wet on Monday morning ... so I drove.

It took me 45mins to move from USJ1 to SS15 ... a usual 15mins ride.

My thoughts go to

1. Those driving to work and jam in daily basis for 1-2 hours. Many might be late today.
2. Those riding bike to work ... under the rain, cold ... and dangerous.
3. Those taking public transportation ... the hassle of walking with umbrella from stations to working place

It has always been in my mind on the choices we are taking ...

Can we solve it by riding a bike instead of driving?

Can we stay near enough from our working place so that we do not need to commute ..far?

Can we working from home ... or have flexible working hours?

Personally, I have solved all these issues after years of planning.

Yes ... i do ride bike to avoid the jams, staying near enough from my working place ... and quit my full-time teaching job to have flexibility of time n space.


It is a matter of choice ... so, we should STOP saying "No Choice".

Time to move to do work ... by choice (and not by force).


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stock pick by UOB

Morning ... went to a market-talk by UOB-iVSA with few members yesterday ... and met few 'ex-members'. Asked them to join me during crash. haha. Yes ... no crash, all speakers are BULLISH and Martin was giving a target of 1840 level for 2017.

Here is 5 stock-pick by UOB (given by Lester)

More into election-play talk ... with another 3 technical-pick on FGV, DRBHcom and IWCity.
Will check on their charts and plan for the trades, and discuss during my weely e-meeting with members.
Cohort-24 : There is a request to have my basic charting-workshop ... so, I m planning one for Mac. Will put in the dates when I finalise it.
Really busy with classes, actually. And busy with attending market-talks ... and joining 2 workshops in Mac (one on FCPO and another in Value-Investing).
Market must be very hot ... so many market-talks, workshops, softwares coming out!! Haha.

Saturday, February 25, 2017




我願是個點 願你是根線
以我為中心 畫個同心圓

快快樂樂 甜甜蜜蜜

雙手合胸前 祈禱著蒼天
這是我所願 但願能實現



電影 蹦蹦一串心 主題曲

天上星星數不清 個個都是我的夢
縱然有幾片雲飄過 遮不住閃亮亮的情
心串串 心蹦蹦 臉兒紅 都是為了你
是你到我的夢裡來 還是要我走出夢中

池裡浮萍數不清 片片都是我的夢
縱然有幾陣風吹過 拂不去濃又蜜的情
心串串 心蹦蹦 臉兒紅 都是為了你
盼你的心和我連成一串 一生一世不分離

Friday, February 24, 2017

Good clip to share

Wish I could understand Vietnamese ... this is a good clip shared in my facebook.


Cycle Analysis (CA)

Morning ... Friday is a busy day for me!! Still tired as I went to a market-talk last night, drove there (PJ Trade Center) ...jammed. It took me 1.5 hours, no thanks to the ran too. Anyway, the talk is ... WORTH the travel. It is by Derick (Timing and You) and I will share few of his pointers ... as I agreed and parallel to many of his views!!

He is into CA : Cycle Analysis ... where he analyses cycles --- bonds, equities, currencies, commodites.

Crash : most probably 2018

DOW : going up high ... target 30, 000 this year. New high again last night ... gogogo?

USD : up up ...

Gold : up up ... can consider GLD which traded in US.

So ... we should go to US-markets as KLSE or SGX would be lagging. LONG DOW or S&P500 . RIde on the strong uptrend up as that could create EUPHORIA (we are at optimism stage) and then, SHORT SHORT SHORT ... let it craassssh.

Profit from the short ... prepare to buy blue-chips at dirt-cheap level.

Easier said than done ... a person needs to be very discipline and patient. Also, needs lots of experiences and guts ... to go thru those stages!! How? I have shared my 4-pointers on preparation for market-crash ... while letting others to predict when the crash will comes. And yes, it WILL.

Then ... buy inverse-etf to short DOW crashing. Then ... come back KLSE to buy blue-chips ... and hold. Then ... after 2022 ... sell for huge profits and retire (as I  only  have this one cycle).

Wealth distribution was from 2007 to 2009. That I do agree with him too.

If we know how to capitalise during crash, we could be in the minority side ... winners.

Those wish to know Derick, go to Timing and You (facebook) and website. I m not working for him but I feel his ideas are parallel to mine ... just that I do not time market-crash.


Thursday, February 23, 2017 in life

Morning ... Thu ... woke up to another NEW high fr DOW. I have sold many ... and seems that pull-back or correction is overdue.

Yesterday was a tiring day ... for my emotion.

In the morning, got a message from a member (and a friend now) that she got me new toilet-trolley and donating to the old-folks I went to recently.

This is what I have wanted to buy (x2) and won't mind paying for them (to be donated to the home). But, she got them for me ... and she is donating instead.

There ... a new one. Now, I just need to collect from her ... treat her a good coffee and thank her. I appreciate such 'touching' help. She said I have inspired her to help others ... and yeah, that is my wish ? Spreading generousity ....

What is life ... chasing the material-items for ourselves and fight-argue-battle with other humans ... to show our ego and suppressing our feelings.

I choose 'generosity' anytime ... so, it is a HABIT I wish to instil in my wife and kids.

I will like to share in tmr night e-meeting (9.30pm?) to talk a little about what I have done and involved in ... as doing charity is my retirement past-time (haha).

Be Generous

Fri, Feb 24, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll-free) +1 (571) 317-3112
Access Code: 706-090-661

More phone numbers  

Well ... here is the link. Talk about my retirement DREAM : Involvement in charity org/homes.

Second emotional event ... it was in noon, I was having a class when my wife called and told me that our girl won again ... my little girl, who is born 'special' won her running event again this year. She was the defending champ!! Well .. at age 3-4yrs old ... she could barely walk!! Well ... you have to be the parents of special-kid to understand what we went thru .... in-out of hospital, therapies and courage to face reality.

It is worth every sweat and tears ... and seeing that she can RUN now is amazing!! We all take our limbs for granted, I guess?

Well ... we celebrated by bring her to her fav McD (discourage her for fast-food)

Then ... at night, had a biz-meeting ... yet, another emotional situation to handle (P&C).

What a day ... when you are involve in charity, you will get to know many generous people who could easily touch our hearts.

When we are involved in our kids up-bringing and days, we will be emotionally involved in their growing-up too ...

and when we are involving in biz ... we will have partners to deal with, communicate and engaged in.

IMAGINE life ... in our own SELFISH world ... where we are only concern how much we can EARN and GET THE MONEY from others ... what car(s) we are driving ... and work-work-work for more MONEY to change our handphones, chairs ... or bed?

IMAGINE life ... when everything is about YOU YOU YOU ... more of YOU ... spending time to condemn others, gossips or criticise others ... while you are seen as the BEST in your own selfish world.

IMAGINE ... what is life, anyway?


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

DOW at new high 20,743

This is DOW weekly chart ... we are in new-high ... high on vicodin (Dr House's pill).

Here is the side-effect of Vicodin ... as I m watching HOUSE now (Season 3 : Episode 14 now), he will do anything to get his feeds.

So ... DOW at new high ... as would it be a potential bubble? I will continue to stay sideway at the moment.

Have a nice long day ahead ...

Note : Heard that TTB revised his view to 'bullish'. Is that true? I want to talk about Market-Crash ... interested?


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

THINK and GROW ... rich

Morning from Shah Alam ... seksyen 15 here. Having breakfast with wife while talking about being "RICH" ... balance with PEACE and HAPPINESS.

There are many definitions of what it means to be rich.

Being rich is more of a state of mind than a dollar amount. Truthfully, the rich can be poor and the poor can be rich. For example, being rich could be a family of five who lovingly share their small piece of bread in a third-world country. Conversely, another family of five may live in a 12-bedroom home and still have strife over an unlimited first-class feast!

Moreover, being rich is really about having it all. It would be ideal to have a combination of the aforementioned situations: the happy family enjoying a delectable meal in the big house — and it is possible. However, to achieve this kind of wealth, along with financial freedom, personal peace and happiness, you must get committed to it.

You must also be able to enjoy your wealth. Some people put in a hundred hours per week with work but completely neglect their families in the process. Others focus on their family so much that they never really get busy at work because of their obligations. Obviously, achieving a sense of balance will allow you to possess true wealth and also be able to enjoy it.


This is what I m reading just now ... then, shared with my wife the idea of being RICH. RICH is not defined in what car(s) we are driving or our accounts size ... it is about FAMILY ... HUMAN VALUES .. and how we share with OTHERS. It has nothing to do with US ... individual. It is about appreciating and giving back to society, putting smiles to those needing them.

Will write more ... and include the popular Napolean Hill's book.

Time to do some work ...